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March 2020

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

This month I am featuring several authors on the Fearless Reader Podcast. We will discuss books, movies and what it's like being an independent author today.

February 28th:

Stella Williams will discuss her newest release- Dauntless.

Stella Williams is a blogger and romance author who lives in Washington state.She has a degree in Anthropology from The University of California, Santa Cruz. Stella prides herself in using her studies to create diverse worlds and characters for her novels. You can find more about Stella on her website

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March 6th

Penelope Flynn gives us a peak into the world of Renfields and being an African American Author.

Penelope Flynn is a speculative fiction author and 3D illustrator who enjoys reading and writing mixed genre and genre-bending speculative fiction featuring elements of horror, suspense, romance, science fiction, erotica and fantasy. Notable works can be found in the Dark Universe anthology, The Dark Universe: Bright Empire anthology, The Steamfunk anthology, Genesis: An Anthology of Black Science Fiction Book II, Scierogenous II, and Zane’s Caramel Flava II. Through her publishing concern, Ambitious Hybrid Media, LLC she has published Regarding Koescu: The Chronicles of Renfields, Revenant Lineage Book 1, and via Blerdrotica I, LLC has also published the Blerdrotica 1 anthology: Sweet, Sexy and Special Dark. Her works in progress among others includes two erotic romances entitled, The Partnership, and Katina's Revenge; a Dark Universe Expansion novel focusing on the life of Alaafin Claudia, and special companion volumes for each including notes and graphic art. Penelope Flynn is cover artist and an interior artist for the second edition of Rorie Still’s Flash Bang anthology, cover illustrator for Carole McDonnell’s novelette, The Charcoal Bride and Stone P. Mays’ Blumeverse short “Ava Dianthus and her Minion of Evil.” More creative works can be found at

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March 13th:

Carrow Brown talks to us about the re-release of Queen of Swords & Silence and her latest short story, as Faye Black, Tangled Tango.

Carrow Brown (Faye Black) is a nerdy author who likes to write sassy adventures and sexy times when not busy with work.

Lives in Arizona with her husband and four dogs. Easily bribed by tacos. Answer is always “yes” if you want to show her pictures of your dogs.

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March 20th

Roxanne Bland takes us on a tour of The Underground and it's sequel The Underground: Invasion.

Award-winning author Roxanne Bland was born in the shadows of the rubber factory smokestacks in Akron, Ohio but grew up in Washington, D.C. As a child, she spent an inordinate amount of time prowling the museums of the Smithsonian Institution and also spent an inordinate amount of time reading whatever books she could get her hands on, including the dictionary. A self-described “fugitive from reality,” she has always colored outside the lines and in her early years of writing, saw no reason why a story couldn’t be written combining the genres she loved and did so despite being told it wasn’t possible. Today, she writes stories that are mashups of paranormal urban fantasy, romance, and science fiction, as well as other speculative fiction genres. Bland lives in Baltimore, Maryland

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Book Reviews:

This month I've started a new venture in my expanding blog posts, book reviews. I know that some reviews are harder than others but I try to be objective and fair to all the authors I've read. I'm working on a 5 star system. I've also provided links so you can form your own opinions. Feel free to comment or share.

Shade is a book that I really, really wanted to like. The story of Galactic Shade Griffin starts off promising, a jaded teenager who's been shuffled from town to town by her addict mother who has relocated again in an attempt to start fresh after another in a series of bad relationships. The start is strong, new town, new people and very prominent elements of what could be great YA novel. There is a creepy old house, dreams of ghosts and talk of fairies but nothing comes of it.

Instead, it devolves into a hodgepodge of ideas and plot points that are disjointed and confusing. Many of the characters are one dimensional, Shade herself never seems to grow beyond being ill-tempered pouty and awkward. She has no sense of remorse of even sadness for her mother who is in turn sympathetic and frustrating. Even the peripheral characters who all seem mature and capable in the beginning end up being just a level above the Scooby gang. Even their references are outdated.

There is also no feeling of immediacy or tension in a story that covers to many serious issues. So many issues in fact, that it feels as if the author took all of the most buzzworthy topics affecting teens and tossed them into the story without any real rhyme or reason. In the end, Shade reads as a gumbo of good ideas with no real focus on any.

A great first installment to a steampunk adventure. A wonderful story that is an action packed steampunk adventure. A feisty heroine who connects telepathically with dragons while working to saver her world from a dangerous drug. I can't wait to see what's next for Pontopa , Faso and Sukina.

A sweet romance. A great story that pays homage to the lovely romances of Jane Austen. A blizzard leads to unexpected love and support for two people trying to prove themselves. Fun, charming and oh so sweet.


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And as always, Happy Reading

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